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THIS IS the light-hearted, mostly-fun blog of Transformations Furniture. If you want to look at the serious information, head on over to

To be sure, this blog will include “serious” information. But it will also include interesting tidbits about our employees, which rep just did what!, our CEO’s favorite music at the moment, cool videos we’ve found and interesting links that are posted for no other reason than that we think they’re cool!

And we’d like your input too! What’s going on in the lives of people who are friends of Transformations!? You get the idea.

It’s all brand new right now. So, over the next few weeks & months, it could get kinda’ fun in here. Got any ideas for us? Send an email to the blog guy.


Mark Miller

WE’VE BEEN following Mark Miller’s progress as a musician for quite a while. He’s just released his new album and we thought you’d want to check it out.

An interesting side-note: Mark used Tranformations’ fabric remnants to hand-craft his album covers! Pretty cool!

You can find Mark’s website at

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