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Making The Cover

TALKING STICK, the magazine of the Association of College And University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I), has just released its May/June 2011 edition featuring Transformations Furniture right on the front cover!

Michael Dague, who works in the Transformations warehouse, points to the May/June issue of Talking Stick Magazine featuring Transformations Furniture on the front cover.

The University of Northern Colorado Turner Hall has been recently renovated to boast an open, modernized living space. Visit this 13-story residence hall’s front desk area and student lounge areas to find the most comfortable, durable and luxurious upholstered lounge seating in the industry.

To see us in print, click here and visit the Digital
Talking Stick Magazine!

Gobena Coffee

DO YOU consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? An Arabica Aficionado? Or maybe you just think a good cup-o-joe is a great way to start your day. Whatever your java-loving reasons, we found a really awesome coffee with an even greater cause.

Gobena Coffee is a Fair Trade organization, offering a variety of robust beans from regions all over the world. The coffee, with flavors such as Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Espresso is shade-grown, fresh-roasted and 100% organic.

In addition to its outstanding taste, 100% of the net proceeds go to fulfill the mission of providing food and education to help orphans and vulnerable children from throughout the world. Just think, brewing your favorite blend will contribute to a child’s meals for the day or allow children in Ziway, Ethiopia to advance past a third grade education.

To learn more about Gobena Coffee and its mission, visit

Gobena Videos @Vimeo:


THANKS to the efforts of Craig Crook and a boatload of volunteers, Fort Wayne pulled off its first TEDx conference last weekend.

If you’re not familiar with the TED conferences (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) they endeavor to broadcast “Ideas worth spreading.” When I need a shot of inspiration, I often drop by the TED website ( and watch a talk or two.

Well, TEDxFortWayne was my first live event and well worth half my weekend! Here are 7 ideas I took home (and hope to spread to you):

  1. What you pour your effort/heart into becomes your passion.
  2. The First Follower transforms the “Lone Nut” into a Leader.
  3. You CAN bring people of different backgrounds together. But you have to WANT to.
  4. There are no bad ideas. Only better ones.
  5. Find your purpose by giving away your talents.
  6. Ideas that spread win.
  7. All progress depends on the unreasonable person.

The talks from TEDxFortWayne aren’t up yet, but here’s one from
Rachel Botsman who was one of the speakers in Fort Wayne. This video is from her talk at TEDxSydney. She discusses how, as a society, we’re shifting what we value from ownership to access. Enjoy!

Jaret Wieland

Momentum 5 Clicks Program

Image and link to Momentum 5 Clicks Program

EXCITING News! Transformations is now involved with
The Momentum Group 5 Clicks Program. This online function allows you
and your customers to browse Momentum Group’s fabrics based on Transformations’ grades.

  1. Go to and click “Momentum Textiles” in the bottom left‑hand corner
  2. Once you are on the “5 Clicks” page, click “Products
  3. On the “Product Search” page, click the tab farthest to the right, labeled “5 Clicks” and scroll the drop-down menu to find Transformations
  4. Follow the prompts and click the arrow for the next step

Further search refinement is available. You can choose by type, style, color, durability or material content.

The 5 Clicks Program is a great resource at your fingertips. Check it out for yourself!