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See You At GLACUHO 2012!

GLACUHO LogoPlease join us as we make our way to Columbus, Ohio, for the Annual GLACUHO Conference, November 5-6.

Transformations will be exhibiting at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Monday evening and early Tuesday morning. Come by, check us out and bring your friends and colleagues!

For more information about GLACUHO, visit their website, and for registration and conference information, visit this year’s conference page.


>Photo of campus buildings with text: UMR-ACUHO 2012 in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, on November 7-9, 2012.Transformations Furniture will be exhibiting at the 43rd Annual Conference and Exhibition Of the Upper Midwest Region of ACUHO.

Please join us in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, November 7, as we support UMR in its passion to provide professional development opportunities to College Campus Housing Officers and their support teams.

For more information about UMR-ACUHO, visit their website, and for more information about the conference, visit the events page.

Transformations & Lifesong For Orphans

Graphic with text: Lifesong For Orphans, Bringing Joy and Purpose to Orphans

Lifesong For Orphans is a ministry devoted to bringing joy and purpose to orphans around 
the world. Transformations Furniture & Lifesong have a very special relationship. Here, Brenda Wieland, co-owner of Transformations, tells the story:

In June of 1997, Brace and I felt led by God to start Transformations Furniture. We had no idea how hard and rocky a path we had embarked upon. When we began that venture, Brace mentioned a dollar amount that I felt was quite large. He said we would make our business successful with that amount of money, or we’d quit. I am here to tell you that we spent five times that amount of money to get Transformations solid.

We both worked with no wages for at least 6 years. We borrowed money from the bank and from family. It was a terrifying roller-coaster ride for me. Many times I ran to God and pleaded, “Do You really want us to keep going? We are willing to quit.” Every time I asked, God reassured me we were on the path he had ordained for us. So we persevered.

Transformations LogoIt has been a long adventure full of grueling hard work, but it has been well worth the struggle. We met many wonderful people along the way. We are providing livelihoods for our employees. That was always comforting to me when the journey was so difficult. Working with Brace filled me with great respect for him and for other business owners. And, probably most importantly, I learned to know my God much better. He showed me through those difficult times how He loves me, guides me, and cares about the intimate details of my life.

While all this was happening to us, my brother, Gary Ringger, was living his life in Gridley, Illinois. My father had a feed company called Ringger Feeds. When Gary got out of college, he went to work for Dad. Gary and Dad were a great combination. Gary was a visionary; Dad was conservative. They grew Ringger Feeds together and ended up selling it for a nice sum of money. With that money, they furthered Ringger Foods, which they had started a few years earlier, and Gary also started several other companies.

Gary soon realized that prospering and growing a stable business was very different from starting not just one, but several brand new ventures. He actually got very depressed from all the stress. He turned to God, and God led Gary to make a contract with Him. In that contract, Gary promised God that, if Ringger Foods prospered and was sold, he would give back to God all the proceeds of that sale, minus his investment plus the current rate of interest. About 15 years after the startup, Gary and Dad sold Ringger Foods for a huge profit.

With that money, Gary started a foundation called TMG Foundation. His initial plan for funding the foundation was to invest in businesses that would provide needed revenue. At this time, Gary loaned money to us. The timing was perfect. With that loan, our company turned the corner and stabilized. Our dream for Transformations is that we can bless our employees, customers and business associates, and also be a viable source of revenue to TMG Foundation.

Photo of Young Zambian BoyWith foundation money, Gary started Lifesong for Orphans, which ministers to children around the world.

If you are interested in knowing more about Lifesong For Orphans, you can visit their website or follow the posts on their Facebook page.

100% of all donations to Lifesong for Orphans go toward caring for orphans—no administrative costs will be deducted. All US based fundraising and administrative costs are paid for by TMG Foundation and other partners.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

photo of Francis Chan“Through their work in and among the churches in the US, Lifesong For Orphans is fulfilling their mission of ‘bringing joy and purpose to orphans.’ They are living out the gospel in the work they are doing.” — Francis Chan, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, & Author: Crazy Love and Forgotten God

Join Us At MACUHO 2012!

Graphics depicting fireworks and a city skyline with the text: Celebrating 40 Years of MACUHO, in Baltimore, 2012Transformations Furniture will be joining in the festivities as Mid-Atlantic Association of College & University Housing Officers (MACUHO) celebrates their 40th Anniversary, November 7-9, in Baltimore, Maryland.

We will be exhibiting at the Tremont Plaza Hotel & Grand Historic Venue on Thursday, November 8, from 10:00am – 4:30pm.

Please come see us and help support MACUHO in their dedication to providing information to College Campus Housing Officers and their support team regarding leadership, operation and renovation.

For more information, visit and check out the 2012 Conference page for details!

See You At AIMHO!

Graphic with text: AIMHO 2012 Leadership Quest

Come see us at our booth in beautiful Billings, Montana, at the
57th Annual AIMHO Conference, November 4–6. The conference is being
held at the Crowne Plaza—the largest hotel in Billings!

Transformations Furniture is happy to support AIMHO and its dedication to providing education, leadership and development opportunities to College Housing Officers and their support staff in their everyday experiences.

For more information, please visit and check out the conference website.