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Thanksgiving 2013

Autumn-themed IllustrationFEW THINGS IN LIFE cause us to really reflect on how fortunate we are. We tend to think more on things we want still to achieve, building the next stage of our lives. Sometimes, the present gets missed in our looking to the future.

Thanksgiving is an excellent time to reflect on our blessings. Life is never perfect. For anyone. But those who live a life of thankfulness tend to live a richer, more contented life. Frequently, we take the small things for granted: A place to live, daily food & drink, the air we breathe, freedom, rewarding work, friends & family. But not everyone in the world has these things. If we do, we are wealthy indeed.

Amidst the process of building our business, we at Transformations want to pause for a moment and thank you for your work & commitment on our behalf. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to build something truly unique. Thanks for helping us as we reach for our goals.

We are grateful for you. We hope your Thanksgiving holiday is rich with loving family, warm fellowship and safe travels.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good:
for his mercy endureth for ever.

— Psalms 107:1 KJV

What Will You Create?

We’re excited to introduce CREATE. Simple Shapes. Endless Possibilities.


The sky really is the limit with this design! Configure the six basic shapes however you want, mix & match colors, and create a completely inviting environment! For more information about Create, contact Transformations Customer Service at 800.440.9337 or email