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Scott Troyer

NOW AND THEN, we take a break from our furniture-related posts to share something of general interest to fellow travelers.

photo of Scott TroyerThere’s probably a bit of wanderlust in most of us, a desire to see unfamiliar places and new things. Scott Troyer is one of those people who’s actually living it out. He’s a talented singer/songwriter who writes and plays for a living.

Although he was born and raised in Indiana—not far from our home town of Harlan—he now travels extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad building friendships, and sharing his melodies with eager audiences. When asked where he lives now, he says, “Wherever I am.”

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Mark Miller

WE’VE BEEN following Mark Miller’s progress as a musician for quite a while. He’s just released his new album and we thought you’d want to check it out.

An interesting side-note: Mark used Tranformations’ fabric remnants to hand-craft his album covers! Pretty cool!

You can find Mark’s website at

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