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Highstreet Has Grown Wings!

Our popular Transformations Highstreet collection
now has a Wingback version!

Of course, this new style possesses all
of the renewability features that make
Transformations Furniture so useful.
Change the fabrics whenever you want to,
on-site, with no downtime.

Keep your facilities looking fresh
and clean and inviting,
while also maximizing your ROI!

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or Call Us at 800.440.9337

Transformations + Momentum Partnership

Have You Heard?Graphic with text: Transformations Plus Momentum Textiles

Transformations Furniture has entered into an exciting
partnership with Momentum Textiles
to introduce EPU, a whole new fabric collection!


More and more companies are going PVC-free, and for good reasons! This collection from Momentum offers great solutions with tremendous variety and flexibility, and Transformations is pleased to be able to partner with Momentum to bring PVC-free solutions to the University market.

EPU consists of Four Lines: Endurance (36 colors); Canter (48 colors); Beeline (24 colors) and
Eon (21 colors). Each of these exciting fabrics offers really exciting features:


Colored graphic showing several featured benefits of Momentum Endurance PVC-free Silica fabric


Because of the special partnership between Transformations & Momentum, Endurance & Canter are priced at Grade D. Eon & Beeline are priced at Grade E.

The physical properties of Endurance are not like any other fabric or vinyl. Its molecules interlock allowing for better durability than a typical product where layers are normally glued together.


Photo of layer composition of Endurance fabrics


Photo of colored fabric discs showing samples of Momentum EnduranceTransformations Furniture is well-known in the university housing market for its unique upholstered furniture that is fully recoverable and allows you to keep your facility looking fresh & new all the time.

Call Transformations at (800) 440-9337 or email to learn more.


The New Benchmark

Welcome To The New & Improved Benchmark Series!

A More Modern & Consistent Look

A much cleaner and more modern aesthetic has been achieved throughout the product line. The frames have been re-engineered so that tops & bases all line up, allowing different styles to be used together attractively. Pillowtops and Welting are no longer standard features, but are still available as custom options. (Non-Benchmark styles, such as the Ashton ottoman, Highstreet ottoman, etc., have not changed and still have a separate cushion top.)

More Sizes & Shapes

888203aa-8b46-4dea-8b1c-cb92dac773b8.pngWe have increased the offering with many more sizes & shapes, grouped into four categories: Square, Round, Oval & Rectangle.

 All Benchmark products are intended to serve
as Ottomans, Benches & Tables >   

  Just use the appropriate top! 




Available Styles

Square: 19, 24, 30, 36, 42 & 48″
Round: 19, 24, 30, 36, 42 & 48″ Diameter
Oval: 24″ x 48″
Rectangle: 20×48, 24×48, 24×60 & 30×60″

Benchmark is part of our Parallel Series and carries a 15-year warranty. For all the details, give us a call at (800) 440-9337 or email


Why Lease Your Furniture?

First American Leasing Partnership

Transformations Furniture is excited to announce a new Leasing Partner,
First American Vendor Finance. First American brings extensive experience to the financing world and provides our valued customers with some interesting financing options.

Why should you consider leasing?

Transformations: Why Lease Your Furniture?

We’re always striving to make your job easier, not harder. We believe this new financing option will do just that!

Questions? Please call Transformations Customer Service at 800.440.9337.

E&I 2014 Best-in-Class Sales Support Award

We Love You Too, E&I!

Transformations was honored last month to receive E&I’s 2014 Best-in-Class Sales Support Award.

In their letter to announce the Award, Bill Cooper, President, and Thomas Fitzgerald, CEO, wrote:

“Your organization’s sales force has demonstrated an outstanding level of positive engagement with our membership. We have received an incredible amount of positive feedback regarding your continued customer support and proactive approach to engaging our members.

As a dedicated E&I partner, you have provided our members with innovative—and sustainable—products and superior customer service. Transformations Furniture truly shares E&I’s values and commitment to achieving our shared business goals. It is our privilege to honor you with this award.”

We’ve enjoyed working together with E&I and are pleased that our enthusiasm has shown!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers!EandI Best-In-Class-logo