We’ve Got Your Back. Three Ways!

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Proudly Introduce, Knox!

Knox is built strong all around. Sit on all three sides, throw your feet over the edge. You can even sit on the seat cushion if you really want to! Lounge in it. Curl up and hang out it in.

Knox invites you in: “Come and rest for awhile!”

Of course, Knox incorporates all the renewable functions that you are so accustomed to from Transformations, and the comfort is unparalleled. The durability, renewability and cleanability of Transformations patented furniture is all there, but with a whole new level of coziness.

Many of you know that we listen carefully to what our customers say. Knox began as a custom request from a customer, just like the other 76% of our line. We love doing this; it’s very much a part of our company culture.

What can we build for you?


Transformations Knox Chair_KN-C



True Renew™ changes everything.

“True Renew” is more than a motto. It’s a promise. It’s what we
do best. Even better, our truly renewable furniture comes with
industry-leading warranties on parts and foam. By refreshing your
facility’s image, True Renew saves money, time – and your sanity.

You can learn more about the Transformations E&I Contract here.

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Have you seen our Trash The Chair video? It’s worth your time.