• Are all Transformations products “Renewable” or just selected designs?
    A. Everything. The ability to change our products drives each and every design.
  • If your furniture can be disassembled for easy maintenance, will the general public be taking the furniture apart?
    A. Although it is not difficult to take the furniture apart once you know how, it is necessary that someone learns how to do it. A big part of the success of the Transformations designs, is that they are engineered in such a way that it is not at all apparent that the furniture can even be disassembled. Most people are not even aware that it is not ordinary furniture, and they are very surprised when they learn what it can do.
  • Can I replace the fabric for just one component? Let’s say just an arm fabric is damaged…
    A. Sure. Remember though that, if the furniture has been in the sun and the old fabric has gotten faded or, the new fabric is a slightly different dye-lot, there can be slight differences in how the fabric will look. Some specifiers of Transformations products choose to order extra complete sets of fabrics if they expect to change them in the future.
  • Is it just the fabric that can be replaced or, can a frame component be replaced too if it would break?
    A. All frame components can be replaced too. As a matter of fact, our frames are warranted for 35 years, so, if anything should break, just let us know and we’ll send out the replacement part.
  • How do Transformations products compare price-wise to other commercial furniture products?
    A. Initially, you might find our products cost a little more than ordinary furniture from other companies. But, when you consider that our furniture is guaranteed for 35 years, and that you can change the fabrics whenever you want, you will still be using your Transformations furniture long after you have replaced your ordinary furniture (perhaps, even, several times!). This makes Transformations Furniture a much better investment in the long run. (And, not having to throw away your furniture after the very short life-cycle you would have with ordinary furniture makes our furniture much more environment-friendly as well!)