Field Test (4 to 1)

Transformations chairs are quick. Quick Change, that is. We know it. They know it. They’ve been challenging other chairs to race for years, but none have stood up to accept.

We felt bad for our chair, so one day we hosted a surprise race. Turns out, it really wasn’t much of a race at all. There were three other TRUE RENEW.TM chair buddies just watching from the sidelines. They couldn’t resist joining in, and all four of them crossed the finish line before the other guy. Yeah, those TRUE RENEW.TM chairs are fast. 4-to-1 fast.

We wondered if the first race was a fluke, so we ran it again. That time, the competitor just gave up after being lapped by three TRUE RENEW.TM chairs.

And if you like these crazy videos, here’s another one we call Trash The Chair. It’s about…well, a chair. We trash. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.