The Difference

We have a better idea:

Keeping your lounges looking great is an ongoing challenge.Corporate Lounge Furniture

Problem is, most new lounge furniture is torn, stained or abused in no time at all, leaving you to upholster or repair the damaged piece, hide it in a corner, or pitch it and buy new.
Our truly renewable upholstered seating is unrivaled in the marketplace. And our premium solutions preserve your facility’s image longer to provide a superior solution to everyday use and abuse. Choose Transformations, and you’ll be sitting pretty. For a long, long time.
Renewable Chair

What is truly renewable furniture?

While others claim their furniture is renewable, only Transformations Furniture meets the three criteria for being “truly renewable.” It’s not renew-ish. It’s the real deal. And we offer this patented construction in all our product lines—not just a few.

  • Executive Office Furniture
  • Hometown Furniture
  • Contract Furniture
Premium Inside
Lounge Furniture
You’ll find the highest quality foam, frame and workmanship underneath the fabric.
Longest Life
Corporate Furniture
Our industry leading  warranty is proof that Transformations is committed to true renewability that preserves both your facility and the environment.
Quick Change
Housing Facilities
You can remove and replace all components within minutes with no special tools or training. 

Save Time

You can remove and replace all components on a Transformations chair within minutes
with no special tools or training. Can your chair—or the one you’re specifying—do that?

Save Money

Purchase our product once, and you’re good for 5 to 7 life cycles. Talk about maximizing your investment!

  • University Furniture
  • Contract Office Furniture
  • Healthcare Furniture
  • Medical Office Furniture
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Office Furniture Harlan
  • Contract Furniture Harlan

Preserve the Environment

The greenest way to make a product is to build it so customers keep it. You’ll be using Transformations furniture long after you’ve sent your ordinary furniture to the landfill.

Enjoy durability and comfort

Historically, customers have had to choose either durability or comfort.
With Transformations, you get both. Residential comfort—soft and inviting like home. Plus durability like a tank. What you sit in on Day 1, you’ll sit in on Day 10,000.

A family tradition

Transformations Furniture’s expertise in renewability
exceeds 30 years. We’ve pushed the concept further and done
it better than anyone else.

University Lounge Furniture

Compare our standard features to those offered by the manufacturer you’re considering.
You’ll find that our standard features exceed those in the marketplace.

  • College Lounge Furniture Premium Qualux Ultra Foam
  • High Performance Leverage Amplified Spring System
  • Sturdy, engineered plywood frames
  • Industry leading warranty

Take the “True Renew Challenge”

Let’s be honest. Manufacturers can tell you anything about their product. The best “proof” is always a demonstration. So tell your Transformations rep you’re game for the “True Renew Challenge.” It’s a friendly faceoff where we pit a Transformations chair against your other product of choice and see who can change the cover the fastest. It’ll only take a few minutes – at least where we’re concerned. May the best chair win.