What Will You CREATE?

OVER THE YEARS, we love that we’ve been able to collaborate with our customers to design products that offer the features of True RenewTM and the styling they desire for their specific environment. Earlier this summer, we were asked to develop a collection of simple shapes that could be easily configured multiple ways.
As we dove into the request, we quickly realized how versatile (and fun!) this idea was.

Not only could simple shapes be used to form unique lounge settings, they could be study nooks, gathering points, charging stations, whatever was needed. And since they are Transformations products, you wouldn’t even be limited by the original fabric selection!

We’re excited to introduce CREATE.



Photo of Transformations CREATE in commercial lobby

We’re starting with a select grouping of pieces & options and can not wait to create more! Make some noise and let us know what you think the next Create products should be! Share your idea via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #TRproductidea.

Simple shapes. Endless possibilities.

What will you CREATE?