Sustainable furniture that considers your ROI and the planet

To you, upholstered furniture is a big investment. To everyone else, it’s just a place to sit. Since you can’t protect your furniture, protect your furniture investment (and the planet).

$126K avg cost savings

When compared to refreshes with traditional furniture options.

Renew instead of replace

Refresh with new fabric and easily replace broken parts.

Reduce eco–footprint

Furniture that aligns with Home2’s eco-friendly promise.

Traditional furniture purchases
are bad on ROI and the planet.

Let’s face it… knowing that the furniture you buy today will likely be in a landfill in five years seems like a bad investment.

Costly replacement every 5-7 years

The unavoidable replacement of run-of-the-mill furniture can be worrisome, particularly when the cost of buying new furniture comes with a hefty, full-sized price tag — easily topping $400K in just two decades.

Briefly with you, lengthy in landfill

When you put new furniture in your guest rooms, it works for a while. And then it doesn’t. What you buy at full price today lives for a few years in your hotel and then a lifetime in a landfill.

Unforeseen wear and tear

When fabrics get dirty or worn, the guest experience suffers. Furniture that no longer presents a pretty picture or no longer meets your spec has to be thrown away and replaced.

Or worse, poor customer experience

It’s difficult for your budget to keep up with furniture wear-and-tear. Your budget says to stretch your furniture as long as you can... But your customers aren’t a fan of the stains and tears.

When traditional furniture reaches
“the point of no return,”
you have two choices:


Attempt to salvage the furniture by cleaning it

(a giant hassle that may not even work!)


Begrudgingly resort to tossing it in the trash

(tough on budgets and the environment!)

Guaranteed to last 15 years, instead of 5

Now that’s Dollars & Sense.

Replacing furniture every 5-7 years can wreak havoc on your bottom line. Our furniture, on the other hand, aims to keep more money in your pocket and less waste in the landfill. And when the time comes, we’re here to help you refresh your furniture to meet changing specs. You won't have to bear the cost of replacing all your furniture. Instead, you can easily update your fabrics or repair worn or broken pieces and be back in business quickly and efficiently, without incurring the cost of complete replacement.

Transformations Chair

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$252K in cost savings for every 2x life cycles

It doesn't make a lot of sense to keep throwing away furniture every few years. With renewable furniture from Transformations, you can easily change the fabrics and refresh the furniture over and over again. Your bottom line, and the planet, will like this.

Time   |   Money   |   Earth

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

We’re called to make long-lasting furniture that looks good, but that’s only the beginning of what we’re all about. Being good to our planet is a huge part of the Transformations story.

Save time.

Slipping on a new chair cover takes minutes, and it’s easy enough for just about anyone to do. (Sure beats sending a damaged chair off to a reupholstery shop!)

Save money.

Replacing furniture every 5-7 years or so is not cheap. With Transformations, you make a powerful investment that will pay off in dividends – for decades.

Save the Earth.

Too many organizations toss damaged furniture into landfills at an alarming rate. Renewable furniture demonstrates your commitment to sustainability initiatives.

Keep it clean, in like-new condition without tools

New furniture looks great, but it can deteriorate quickly. Transformations Hospitality Furniture is designed to maintain its appearance and preserve the guest experience. Change fabrics quickly on-site with no special tools or skills required to get back in business promptly.

Eco-friendly, with 2/3
less waste sent to landfills

Transformations brings a much more sustainable approach to upholstered furniture. Our replacement fabrics and parts keep furniture functional and out of landfills for decades. Plus, we repurpose leftover construction materials for carpet padding, animal bedding, and handbags.

Offering Hospitality Furniture for leading brands

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve helped clients from coast to coast (and beyond!) solve some of their biggest problems. With more than 40 years of experience making seating for the most demanding environments, we've pioneered the development of renewable furniture that is designed to stay fresh and functional for many years to come.

Our furniture can be restored from just about any incident

Made in the heartland­—Indiana

Transformations Hospitality Furniture is proudly made in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the crossroads of America. We take great pride in our commitment to providing faster product lead times and swift customer service, always delivered with a delightful touch of Hoosier hospitality.

Hello, hospitality

Your spec is our spec. Transformations Furniture has been designing and building custom furniture for decades, playing it’s role in beautiful lobbies, lounges, and guest spaces around the world.