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Many Transformations products incorporate exposed wood and laminate details, including feet, legs, arms, and table or bench tops. Download the Transformations stain and laminate guide for color match options.

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You can find Transformations Furniture on many purchasing cooperatives, including: E&I, GSA, IUC of Ohio, MHEC, state of Alabama, state of Mississippi, state of New York, state of Pennsylvania, state of Montana, state of North Carolina, state of South Carolina, and the state of Wisconsin. If you don't see your contract listed, please reach out to a Transformations Client Advisor for help.

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Need to know the arm height for a specific product? Want to compare frames and warranties? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re interested in a particular piece of furniture or an entire line, we’ve compiled all the details for you.

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To assist you in space planning, we’ve provided 2D and Revit® files for our most popular products. If the product you’re interested in is not listed here or if you would like a different file format, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Whew, we thought you'd never ask. Below you'll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. Have a question that isn't listed here? No worries. Contact us. We'd love to chat.

Your Transformations sales representative can provide a quote for your project. Contact us, and we’ll connect you.

You can find Transformations Furniture on many purchasing cooperatives, including: E&I, GSA, IUC of Ohio, MHEC, state of Alabama, state of Mississippi, state of New York, state of Pennsylvania, state of Montana, state of North Carolina, state of South Carolina, and the state of Wisconsin. If your contract is not listed, please contact a Transformations representative for assistance.

The standard lead time for Transformations Furniture is four to six weeks from receipt of fabric. During the summer months, lead times may increase depending on demand. For the most up-to-date information, please contact your sales representative.

Transformations products are tested to ANSI/BIFMA standards. They meet and exceed BIFMA 5.4 testing requirements. For specific weight limits, please contact your sales representative.

Yes, Transformations uses a ganging system that allows for additional units to be added to your sectional at any time. Please provide the original order number along with the information from the tag on the bottom of your furniture when contacting your sales representative or customer service.

Yes, you can contract with Transformations to deliver and install your furniture. Pricing and service times vary and can be obtained by contacting your sales representative or customer service.

Transformations Furniture works with a variety of fabric grades. We partner with fabric manufacturers such as Momentum, Mayer Fabrics, Maharam, Culp, Guilford of Maine, Douglass Fabrics, Designtex, Architex, Absecon, and Arc-Com. Though we use a wide variety of fabrics and patterns, not all materials work well in all applications. Dedicated customer service representatives can provide ideas, feedback on acceptable materials, and recommendations regarding what to avoid with certain products. If your fabric is something the Transformations team has not worked with before, a representative can work with the fabric manufacturer to obtain a sample, advise if the proposed application will work with the product, and determine pricing.

Yes! Transformations can help you brand your space by adding custom embroidered logos to select furniture pieces. Talk with your sales representative about options.

Yes, Transformations products feature different densities of foam. Softer and firmer foam for seat cushions may be available upon request.

Starting with the wood frames, we cut, sew, and assemble all our products at our Fort Wayne, Indiana, facility.

The answer is two-fold. If your furniture endures typical use, then consider recovering it every five to seven years. However, if your furniture gets stained, cut, burned, spilled-on, lotioned-up-on, sweat-on (yuck!), then clean the fabric as needed and replace it when it cannot be cleaned.

Underneath each Transformations Furniture piece, you will find a tag with all of the information you will need to place an order for a new cover. Please contact your sales representative, and they will begin the process using the information provided on your furniture’s tag.

Yes, Transformations products are component renewable—allowing portions of your covers to be refreshed should they get damaged. Please contact your sales representative and provide them with your original order number, the information on your furniture’s tag, as well as the portion of the unit for which you would like a new cover.

Transformations maintains a YouTube channel with many videos highlighting how various products function as well as the best techniques to keep everything looking fresh. Please contact customer service to gain access to the videos.

The Transformations Furniture Keep-It program is tailored for your specific situation to help you keep your furniture looking great and in good condition. That means you can have as much or as little involvement in the recovering process as you’d like. When you need new covers, there are three basic options. You can choose the level that’s right for you, or contact us to discuss your unique needs and budget. Ask your sales representative for pricing.

  • Option 1: Our Transformations team will come to your facility and install the new covers for you.
  • Option 2: We will send a team member to your facility to help lead you, or your staff, in the recovering process.
  • Option 3: We will provide you, or a member of your staff, with an instructional video, so you can perform the recovering process yourself.

Transformations Furniture offers several options to accommodate your specific shipment and delivery needs:

  • Boxes and/or pallets through common carriers
  • Dedicated trucks for bag and blanket wrapped on-date/on-time deliveries
  • FOB origin options, including overseas shipments


Shipment tracking will vary depending on the method of transport. The Transformations customer service team will receive notification of order shipment and can provide you with one of the following:

  • Common carrier shipments: A tracking number that you can use on the respective carrier’s website to obtain the estimated transit schedule and delivery date.
  • Dedicated truck: Delivery dates and times will be set up prior to the shipment leaving Transformations. Once the carrier has picked up the product, you will receive confirmation that the shipment is on schedule to arrive on the predetermined date and time. A call from the carrier will alert you 24 hours prior to delivery.

Unfortunately, damages can occur using any shipment method. To ensure a quick resolution to damaged products, it is important for you to inspect each piece at the time of delivery and note all damages on the bill of lading provided by the respective delivery service. This will allow Transformations to file a claim with the carrier and ensure a speedy replacement unit or damaged part as quickly as possible.

Our Foundation Series of products offers you a 15-year warranty on normal wear and tear. Our Signature Series of products provides you a 35-year warranty on normal wear and tear. Refer to our warranty brochure for additional information.

Transformations Furniture does not warranty the fabric. Each fabric manufacturer has their own warranty. If a fabric issue arises, a representative from Transformations would be happy to help contact the fabric provider on your behalf to help resolve any issues and claims.

The most important fact to remember is that all of your Transformations products can be disassembled, and parts are able to be replaced. If the vinyl happens to delaminate, please contact customer service.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact your sales representative and provide them with your original order number, pictures, and information describing the issue you are experiencing with your Transformations product. This information will then be submitted to Transformations’ internal claims team for processing and review. Detailed and descriptive pictures and information will help ensure the quickest and best resolution to your claim.