Make your investment last with the Transformations Keep-It program.

Keep-It allows you to keep your furniture in play regardless of what life throws at it. With a lifecycle designed to last 3 to 5 times longer than traditional seating alternatives, no matter what happens, we’ve got you covered.


Breathe new life into your existing pieces with simple, affordable updates. Transformations fabric covers are the easiest way to give furniture a fresh new look!


Unconventional challenges call for unconventional solutions. From bleach cleanable fabrics to washable covers, Transformations is ready to help you adapt.


Versatility is the name of the game. Reconfigure furniture groupings, seating configurations, and even individual units as your needs change.

Keep-It program FAQs

The Transformations Furniture Keep-It program is tailored for your specific situation to help you keep your furniture looking great and in good condition. That means you can have as much or as little involvement in the recovering process as you'd like.

When you need new covers, there are three basic options. You can choose the level that’s right for you or contact us to discuss your unique needs and budget. Ask your sales representative for pricing.

Option 1: Our Transformations team will come to your facility and install the new covers for you.

Option 2: We will send a team member to your facility to help lead you, or your staff, in the recovering process.

Option 3: We will provide you, or a member of your staff, with an instructional video, so you can perform the recovering process yourself.

The answer is two-fold. If your furniture endures typical use, then consider recovering it every five to seven years. However, if your furniture gets stained, cut, burned, spilled-on, lotioned-up-on, sweat-on (yuck!), then clean the fabric as needed and replace it when it cannot be cleaned.

Want to learn more about smart, sustainable furniture options for your lounges and common areas? Let’s connect!

Time   |   Money   |   Earth

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

We’re called to make long-lasting furniture that looks good, but that’s only the beginning of what we’re all about. Being good to our planet is a huge part of the Transformations story.

Save time.

Slipping on a new chair cover takes minutes, and it’s easy enough for just about anyone to do. (Sure beats sending a damaged chair off to a reupholstery shop!)

Save money.

Replacing furniture every 10 years or so is not cheap. With Transformations, you make a powerful investment that will pay off in dividends -- for decades.

Save the Earth.

Too many organizations toss damaged furniture into landfills at an alarming rate. Renewable furniture demonstrates your commitment to sustainability initiatives.

A few ways we try to preserve our planet when manufacturing Transformations furniture…

When it comes to sustainability, you can’t just talk the talk. You’ve gotta walk the green walk.

1. Foam scraps are down-cycled and made into rebonded carpet padding
2. Wood scraps are down-cycled and turned into animal bedding and natural fertilizer products
3. Fabric scraps are used to make stylish tote bags

We don’t miss a beet.

Sure, we make cool furniture, but here’s a little something you may not know…

Each year, in the name of loving Mother Earth, we plant and maintain a large community garden. Our employees take care of it on their breaks, and everyone gets to enjoy home-grown veggies throughout the summer.

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

To brainstorm some of the ways we can breathe life into your lounges, lobbies, and common areas, schedule a facility visit or a zoom meeting with your Transformations representative today. Provide your contact info below, and a member of our team will be in touch.