Kendrik Sectional

The perfect spot.

Ah, that opening day feeling! Hours of planning and installing and everything’s finally in place. Fresh carpet. Smudge-free walls. Sofas and chairs in place and spotless. And then, life happens. Late-night pizza runs. Afternoon naps (with the muddy boots left on). The constant use of hundreds of bodies. Carpets can be steamed. Walls can be wiped. But soiled seating? It too can be redeemed. With Transformations TRUE RENEW.™ your furniture will look brand-new for generations.

15 Year Warranty

Looking to do a whole room?
Meet the Kendrik Sectional family.

Seat w/Left Arm

KR-S1-LSA | W 31" D 35" H 34"

Seat w/Right Arm

KR-S1-RSA | W 30" D 35" H 34"

Seat w/Left Arm

KR-S1-LFA | W 31" D 35" H 34"

Seat w/Right Arm

KR-S1-RFA | W 31" D 35" H 34"

Armless Single Seat

KR-S1 | W 25" D 35" H 34"

Armless Double Seat

KR-S2 | W 50" D 35" H 34"

Armless Triple Seat

KR-S3 | W 75" D 35" H 34"

Corner Seat

KR-CNR | W 36" D 35" H 34"

Available Options

Feet Options
Misc Options

CAL 133

Moisture Barrier

Security Straps

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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