You'll want to call dibs on this one.

The Portage is so comfortable your visitors will race to the lounge, lobby, or common area to claim this favored seat before anyone else can. And there’s no need for extra pillows because, well, it’s basically already one giant pillow. Create an extra cozy environment by putting several of these pieces together, or mix things up by pairing a Portage chair, loveseat, or sofa with a large, round Benchmark ottoman.

35 Year Warranty

Looking to do a whole room?
Meet the Portage family.


PO-C | W 34" D 39" H 36"

Wide Chair

PO-WC | W 45" D 39" H 36"


PO-L | W 56" D 39" H 36"

Loveseat Bed

PO-LB | W 56" D 39" H 36"


PO-S | W 81" D 39" H 36"

Sofa Bed

PO-SB | W 81" D 39" H 36"

Additional Products


PO-O | W 28" D 25" H 17.5"

Ottoman - Wide

PO-WO | W 39" D 25" H 17.5"

Pillows (19" or 25")


PI-19 and PI-25

Available Options

Foot Options
TC23 (upgrade)

Your choice of foot option may change the arm height, back height, and seat height dimensions.

Misc Options
Custom Embroidery

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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