You set
the pace

Our furniture keeps up

With Transformations, you can swap out broken parts and recover fabric when you’re ready to refresh your furniture.

Sustainable Beauty

It’s not easy to find products that combine form & function so successfully. Patented construction mechanisms, combined with the ease of changing fabrics on-site, make this the furniture of choice for facilities who are concerned with maintaining a beautiful guest experience.

Reduced Ecological Footprint

Transformations brings a much more sustainable approach to upholstered furniture. Ordinary furniture spends a short time in your property before spending a lifetime in a landfill. Transformations Furniture is different. Our replacement fabrics and parts keep furniture fresh, functional and out of landfills for decades to come.

Furniture With Staying Power

Transform & ReCover

Breathe new life into your existing pieces with simple, affordable updates. Transformations fabric covers are the easiest way to give furniture a fresh new look!

Dollars & Sense

Save time and money by replacing damaged parts as needed and upgrading your guest experience when trends change—all without the carbon footprint and added cost of purchasing all-new furniture.

Smart design. Steller style.

With more than 40 years of experience making seating for the most demanding environments, we’ve proven that beauty, comfort, and function can coexist.


Hello, hospitality

We proudly offer furniture solutions for those in the hospitality industry, as well. Head over to our dedicated Hospitality website to see how we may be able to help you!